Why wisha wisha

My Grandmother would tell my siblings and I many bedtime stories one of them was about magical
trees that made the whisper sound ‘wisha wisha’.
She would say if you listen carefully wisha wisha is the sound sung by the trees in the gentle breeze
and as your heart opens wide your soul finds peace inside’.

I always carry this story with me.
Life has taken me to distant lands from deserts to rivers to mountains and seas.
Learning from the earth the people the animals ultimately from the divine spark that resides in all
that is life my heart opened wide and my soul started to sing.
I wish to share my soul song with you through a unique collection of offerings of books music and
relaxing soul sound sessions.
In essence my wisha wisha is for all to feel the grace of sweet waters ..calm sounds.

Wisha Wisha

“Oshunseyi’s creations are a tonic for our times.”  

 -Jess Saxton Yoga Teacher and Mother of two.



“love is the essence of our souls..”