Oshunseyi  is a name given by the yoruba Elders that she had the honour to work and study with on her journey it means ’that which comes from water’

The element of water is her main inspiration so it was a true blessing for her to receive this name.

After a profound experience of swimming with Olin the wild dolphin of the red sea in the Sinai desert Egypt.  Oshunseyi’s life changed forever .On completing a BA(HONS)Performing Arts degree at Middlesex University she worked as a contemporary dancer ,a session singer in the music industry and holistic health practitioner at various NHS outreach projects and charities such as West Hampstead Women’s centre London and Women and Health Camden London.

However in between jobs the call to the desert became louder  Oshunseyi lived on and off with the Bedouin for over 10 years learning from the Elders and the land the indigenous ways  and especially sound as medicine finding her singing voice even more amidst  the pre-historic land and sea the greatness of the earth.

The passion for sound as medicine inspired Oshunseyi to travel the world including Africa Europe India and Turtle Island.  

With the many transmissions received from numerous teachers incorporating her western training of her degree in Performing Arts and two diplomas from The British School of Yoga in Massage and Anatomy&Physiology  she has a creative and unique holistic approach to her offerings.

Oshunseyi is now enjoying residing in the south east of the U.K by one of her greatest loves the ocean. 


Honourings & Training.

‘love is the essence of our souls..’ 

I am deeply humbled and in gratitude to the many wonderful Elders and teachers I have been so blessed to have walked with on my journey their grace and willingness to impart wisdom and knowledge to me is overwhelming.I do not take it lightly and hold each of them dear to my heart for their patience and kindness.

I honour them and I am eternally grateful.

My Grandparents and ancestoral lineage of herbalists and healers.

Transmission  of White Tara and Green Tara mantra and meditation from Tibetan Monk Rinpoche

From the order of The Dalai Lama.

Singing bowl healing and White Lotus mantra and meditation from Vedic Elders Varkala India

Sivananda Yoga  Neyyar  Dam Ashram ,Kerala India

Bedouin ancient healing system ,Muzziena Elders ,Sinai Desert Egypt

Yoruba traditional medicine and music from direct Yoruba Elders Africa

Matapas traditional music and ceremony direct Matapas Elder Africa

BSY Diploma massage

BSY Diploma Anantomy&Phyisiology

BA HONS Performing Arts degree Middlesex University

 Practicing  and training for over 17 years.