sweet rose

A collection of beautiful rose images from Regents park  St.Mary’s rose garden accompanied by original inspirational quotes, poems and song lyrics to uplift the soul.

“Love holds no peace

As withholding is not freedom

Love’s sweet whisper speaks to the heart 

As a soft as a petal from a rose.”

Sweet rose is dedicated to my Mother and to the Great Mother the Earth.

Photographs of the roses from Queen Mary’s rose garden in Regents Park London were taken over three years when my Mother and I would meet for the whole day.

Inspirational quotes from these times and roses are by each image as the roses have helped many 

individuals   myself included heal on a very deep level.

These roses are such a gift from earth I wish that you can feel their magnificence, beauty and sweetness.

Ebook £3.33

Ebook + Audio Book  £7.77 

Hardback  £11.11

The Panda and The Dragonfly

Hidden deep in the bamboo forest is a pink pond the home of the elder Pia the panda.

As Pia chews on her bamboo in her favourite tree she notices a rainbow coloured dragonfly flits and flies resting on a nearby lotus flower.

Dilla has just four days to light up the forest with his colours..as this is the ultimate meaning of a dragonflies short life .However on meeting Pia something changes and a beautiful friendship begins…

The Panda and the dragonfly is from a collection of tales called ‘The Sonnets of Nature’ inspired by the natural world and nurturing relationships. Of how we can all learn from each other in a deeply loving heart lead unconditional way.

Themes of the story focus on transience and time of stillness and the beauty of reflection and action in life. 

Ebook  £3.33