Your Colours – Debut album 

(released  March 2020)

An acoustic album recorded in nature from the mountains of Andalusia to the seashores of south east England  ,inspired by the power of mother earth and the magnificence of father sky devoted to the divine feminine and divine masculine within and without.

link to album

Golden Soul-studio album

(released Nov 2020)

A fully produced album dedicated to the Divine.

In honour of the divine masculine .the great star the sun and   the ever present form of spirit that enables the feminine to shine.

free mp3 link to album

Music collaborations

Bazzar Nosara

A divine collaboration with Costa Rican based fashion label Bazzar Nosara and the majestic choreographer/dancer Larissa Hiraishi. The inspirational  Gonca Gul and Gunther Intelmann featured two tracks ‘ Forest Love’ from Oshunseyi’s  debut acoustic album “ Your Colours” and’ Golden Soul’ from her second release studio album “Golden Soul”for the fashion music videos to launch the online store

Organic zoo

Dance with the Universe(Your Colours)was featured for eco children’s clothes label Organic Zoo for they’re collection Dance with the Universe.(Song written for the label).

Tara Lee Yoga

featured track Magnolia Tree for one of  her motivation Monday posts.

Music Videos